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Pictures for animation – How do you do animation
Animation for pictures or images you have created is a great way to make it unique. Downloading pre-animated images is a great way for you to save time when creating animation. However surely this would take the fun out of making your own 3D designs? Whichever the choice is, this guide will assist you in using pictures for animation and a little on how do you do animation.

Firstly leta€™s talk about animation software. Ideally your software should be compatible with most media formats and will allow you to import and export with ease. If you are planning to draw your own image and create effects manually to it, it is advisable to plan properly. Manually draw your picture on to a piece of paper and write what kind of effects you want it to do, any movement you wish for it to do; even plan the scene setting. With proper planning this will save you time and will help your imagination grow.

Animation pictures a€?a€¦GIF filesa€¦a€? are images that have animation already inserted in them by the original developers of the image. If you search around on Google in the images section there are a lot of image sites to choose from. Try narrowing down your search terms to get the selected type of picture you are for your animation. Always remember to one way or another acknowledges the website you got the image from; you could be risking breaching the copyright of the owner.

Animating your own image can be a tricky task. Remember animation is the illusion of an image moving, or say to trick the eye of its movement. I would set your imagery to be drawn at a€?a€¦12 frames per seconda€¦a€? Setting it much faster than this can affect the realism and smoothness of your imagery, while having it set to slow can allow the viewer to see jerkiness of the image being drawn at will reduce quality of your animation on the market.

It is accepted by big companies to have their rates at 24 rates per second due to the style of their animations and the processors they posses.

With 3D drawing you must also always render your image. a€?a€¦Renderinga€¦a€? is when you turn your basic skeleton into an image which is both photorealistic and high quality. This pays to have 3D software which is easy to use with a good support tools and tutorials. Anyone is capable of doing rendering it will take time. Rendering techniques vary from polygon-based-rendering which is your basic style to advanced rendering such as scalene rendering or radiosity which are algorithms put in place to affect rendering. These advanced features are easy to use with the right software and will seem less intimidating.

Animation picture companies and producers are famous all over the world from Walt Disney productions, to Pixar and Dream works. The reason why animation is is only limited by our imaginations, we can create anything we desire. The results whether it be monetary or personal pleasure are endless. Animations stretch from movies to cartoons to games or even produce your own 3D advertisement for your business.

The human brain and eye enjoy animations because it is image. Our imagination enjoys deciding these illusion images and creates emotion whether it is comedy or has us on the edge of our sets in a thriller.

It also doesna€™t matter if you import your pictures or make your own. Importing will save you time but will restrict you to a few elements while making your own can not only be very tedious and time consuming but very satisfying, no restriction to elements or features; completely original and your own work will prove to be the deciding factor.

So choosing software for pictures and animation may seem a hard choice. A lot of variety, some even are free? Leta€™s have a quick run down on which is recommended.

It is strongly advised to stay away from a€?a€¦free downloadsa€¦a€? a€” this will not fulfill you desire or needs for animation; only causing you to have a migraine and frustration. Select software which is not too high in price while still allowing full control over features and is easy to use.

Conclusively using pictures in animation is obvious that it is the most important element of animation. Technical animation, fun animation a€” it can all be at your finger tips

Thank you for reading about Pictures for Animation.

By Jason Stead
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