1U Rack LCD Monitor: Space Saving Cost Efficient Device - Computers

The DVI and the Composite drawers differ in the type of connection to the server. While the former work with DVI-D cards, the latter are associated with composite video. The category with an integrated Cat5 KVM Switch is an ideal solution for networks of various sizes that have many servers located away from the KVM user and server rack where the drawer is mounted. An IP KVM switch is a keyboard, monitor and mouse built into a sliding rack mount drawer with an integrated 8, 16 or 32 Port IP KVM switch and gives users the ability to connect to servers through a web browser.

The 1U Rackmount Draweris equipped with features such as flip-up design, adjustable brackets, built in LCD OSD to provide effective assistance for network administrators to control single or multiple PCs and can be fitted with screens ranging from 17″ to 20 “. They are a rugged unit with heavy industrial design features. Certified by CE, FCC, TAA and RoHS, this hardware device is available with 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power options for specific industrial and military applications.

All these features ensure that the 1U Rack LCD Draweris an excellent choice for commercial, industrial and military applications.

A rugged industrial flat LCD monitor built as a panel, wall or rack mountable monitor for use in harsh and space constrained environments is known as a Rackmount monitor. Available as a 17″, 19″ or 20″ flat LCD display, these monitors support video connections such as VGA, DVI-D, Composite, S-Video, BNC, HDMI and Touch Screen (Resistive, Capacitive and Infrared).

Housed in a metal rack enclosure and protected by impact resistant glass, these LCD’s save space for a compact environment rack. Supporting resolutions which range from 1024×768 up to 1600×1200, the Rackmount LCD Sun unit supports the native SUN resolution. With 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power options, these units are compatible with HP, SUN, Dell, MAC’s, IBM and other systems. These units can be designed as 1RU, 6/7/8/9RU units. The 1U Rackmount monitor has a class A active TFT LCD panel.

Main components of the unit include an analog to digital signal converter board, panel button controls, on-screen display (OSD) and Standard D-sub 15-pin VGA input connectors. The best feature of this device is it’s flip up design and adjustable brackets. The OSD allows the administrators to monitor data even through glass doors that have been closed. Other popular options include: sunlight readability, shallow depth and touch screen which are often required for specialized applications.

Designed with a black anodized aluminum front panel, the 1U LCD is equipped with telescopic slides with lockout rails to prevent movement of the drawer, which is ideal in mobile environments. Working on simple plug and play functionality, these devices do not require any additional software or drivers for operation. These devices are also available in a quad screen model that allows users to display and monitor video signals from up to four different computers or video sources simultaneously on one single screen. This unit has the ability to combine four camera outputs into one video signal for simultaneous display and recording.

Due to these specific features, the 1U Rackmount monitor is used in a variety of applications such as monitoring and training facilities, military and government environments.