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5 Flavors Of Chi was an idea born out of my wifea€™s passion for cooking. We had, for years, spent time talking about starting a business but I didna€™t see how starting a restaurant would be anything but a long hard road to no where. I didna€™t feel it, I mean really feel that another restaurant was something that was needed. I was not excited about eating out at any restaurant that I knew of. I didna€™t get what all the excitement was about dinning out was to begin with. Food was not exciting. Why was food not exciting? I wouldna€™t learn the real reason for another 10 years.

In the summer 2010 we decided to draw out an approach to build a restaurant that we would go to. It was during my research of the restaurant industry and the food system in general, that I began finding disturbing information.

As most people who research information on the internet, I was coming across articles that were warnings about the negative effects and down side to my search topic. And as I did further cross referencing and checking the information, a pattern of a serious issue began to surface. Our food system had been contaminated! Not just one item or recall notice but thousands of thousands of reports and case studies on the most common foods we were eating. I have some college, so I put all of the information and data through many research filters, only to come to the same result. Obesity is a real epidemic, not just the common public service announcement.

Studying for months the history of the problem, the need for a restaurant alternative began to develop. It began to become clearer what form it should take. We spent the rest of the summer discussing how to go about creating the business. I put together an outline of the menu and developed a pilot program.
I introduced the pilot program (5 Flavors Of Chi, Healthy Eating and Exercise Program) in the school my daughter was attending. It was received fantastically by the parents and school staff. I finally began to understand what made food exciting. Finding good (healthy) food was exciting and really understanding the nutritional value of healthy food was what was missing.

Although we have had success with the program this year, it was almost a decade in the making. In the spring we put together a parent engagement approach to the healthy eating and fitness program for the school. We began right where we were, at our daughtera€™s campus.

Our experience showed us many things we had in common with the other parents. Two things in particular were the shock that the food system was so unhealthy and full of ingredients that shouldna€™t be there and outrage that it had been going on for decades. The other was that most parents naturally want the best for their kids, If they only knew for sure, what there choices were; they would make the one that was best for their family.

So why is there so much in our daily diets that create concern and problems for us?

That is WHY we have this blog. We will be putting what we have found and ask that you put what you find in our blog. I will begin with the link to Food Matters and encourage that parents check out the video.